Sep 4, 2010

Pot Farm Cheats Super Money

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Pot Farm Cheats Super Money is a virtual world game in facebook. Pot Farm Cheats Super Money is where you can create a farm of FIVE fingers you can be rich when you sell them in the market. you can buy all you want in the POt Farm game just get all you want when using this form the very moment. you can wait for the pot farm will be the key of success Pot Farm Cheats Super Money All plants And Situations Depicted Are Entirely Fictional and Any Resemblance To Real Life Situations. Pot Farm Cheats Super Money Pot Farm Cheats Super Money requires only cheat engine 5.7 and firefox browser and your facebook account. Steps in Pot Farm Cheats Super Money

1st Steps in Pot Farm
-Open your Firefox browser and go to your
2nd Steps in Pot Farm
-Facebook account and go to your application in Pot Farm
3rd Steps in Pot Farm
-then in your Farm Harvest those plant that are ready to harvest and put a new seed
4th Steps in Pot Farm
-open your cheat engine v5.5 and click process find FireFox.exe
5th Steps in Pot Farm
-and press ok then go Pot Farm and check your money amount
6th Steps in Pot Farm
-you can see your coins Copy it and paste it the cheat Engine v5.5 Value Bar
7th Steps in Pot Farm
-and Click First Scan and Go to Seed Store and buy some Any new seeds to plant
8th Steps in Pot Farm
-then go back to your cheat engine v5.5 you look for the Found Address Bar
9th Steps in Pot Farm
-go back to Pot Farm and your money has deducted after you buy some seed
10th Steps in Pot Farm
-Copy again your money and click new Scan and
11th Steps in Pot Farm
-Under the Found bar Click the last address and you can see the
12th Steps in Pot Farm
-the small box just click it. go back again in the Seed store and buy again a seed then
13th steps in Pot Farm
-wait until its Freeze and click the screen of the Pot Farm
14th steps inPot Farm
-now you can see your coins has Change.
Hope This will Help in your Pot Farm Game

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