Feb 17, 2010

Wild Ones Cheats Super Money

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Wild ones Cheats Super money in facebook game its really Fun and awesome game. if you are familiar with Gunbound , and worlds of worms it just like that. Wild ones Super money its really cool and nice game to every body. even you! can beat the the strongest Wild ones. Wild ones Cheats Super money can give you a lot of money and you can buy many weapons and accessories and you can also upgrade a your pet and buy some outfits and more pets you can use. Wild ones Super money requires only firefox browser or just try google Chrome and Cheat Engine v5.5 and your facebook account. Steps in Wild ones Cheats Super money

1st Steps Wild ones Cheats Super money
-Open your Firefox or your Google Chrome and
2nd Steps Wild ones
-Go to your Facebook account go to your application in
3rd Steps Wild ones
-Wild Ones and go to shop and look a cowboy hat is just only cost 99 then
4th Steps Wild ones
-then open your Cheat Engine 5.5 and Click process then go back to
5th Steps Wild ones
-Copy your Gold Coins then open your cheat engine after you click process find
6th Steps Wild ones
-your browser your using like Firefox.exe and Googlechrome.exe
7th Steps Wild ones
-You can see in your cheat engine the VALUE TYPE Change it to "Double"
8th Steps Wild ones
-then type your coins number in the VALUE then
9th Steps Wild ones
-Check the small box said "Also scan read only memory" First Scan.
10th Steps Wild ones
-Then you can your coins change! next is to
11th Steps Wild ones
-repeat again type the coins number that has change in wild ones
12th Steps Wild ones
-Click Next Scan then then you see the "Found tool bar" under it just Click it
13th Steps Wild ones
-Click Below that appears UNDER the Frozen table
14th Steps Wild ones
-change it to 9999 then go to Wild Ones and Click the sreen
you can see your coins has Change
15th Steps Wild ones
-now you have the amount in wild ones
Hope This will help in your Wild Ones game
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