Apr 14, 2012

How To Get Kyuubi Naruto Outfit in Pockie Ninja

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There are really various ways in getting what I call the ultimate outfit yet in Pockie Ninja, the Kyuubi Naruto Outfit.

One way is that, you can join the slew of events to celebrate the release of nine-tailed beast in Pockie Ninja! Just follow Pockie Ninja on Twitter and retweet specified content, you’ll have a chance to win Kyuubi Naruto! Well, if you've done this on the past (this lasted only during July 15th 00:00 (CST) —July 24th 24:00 (CST)), then you're really lucky but for those who didn't, then there's another way of getting the Kyuubi Naruto Outfit but I tell you now, this procedure really requires a lot of luck and others really require a lot of patience!

First thing is that you can go attend daily events like a perfect attendence event, or from an S-Rank outfit wishing pot. If your lucky enough, then you can grab a Naruto Kyuubi Outfit from the wishing pot (which can be obtained from the event by the way). But take note, at the moment, neither of them can be synthesized.

(This is really an actual screenshot of my own Kyuubi Naruto)

And, here's the procedure that really require a lot of luck. I've managed to do this once and after that well, like the usual, nothing but the usual orange outfits. At first, I synth white ichago as catalyst. Then next I get naruto and lastly, sasuke. Luckily, the Kyuubi Naruto came out as the final Sythesize outfit!

Well, that's all I can think of and I was able to experience in getting a Kyuubi Naruto Outfit. I hope that this helps!
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