Jul 5, 2012

SimCity Social Facebook Cheats- Simoleons , Materials and Diamonds Maker

Get Full Version Here

SimCity Social Cheats Tool Description:

Run the newest SimCity Social Hack now and get free Simoleons, Materials and Diamond Makers.

Game Description:

SimCity Social brings the real city-building simulation to the masses, giving players the freedom to create sprawling cities that come to life as a result of player-driven choice. In SimCity Social, players don’t just build a city – they choose the kind of city they want and watch its soul come to life as it grows and reacts to their decisions.

SimCity Social Cheats Tool Features

* Very easy to use
* Work in everywhere you are
* Undetecable
* Work with all game version
* Work on all language game

Steps in using the SimCity Social Hack Tool:

1. Connect to SimCity Social
1.Download the SimCity Social Hack here
2.Install the Hack
3.Fill Up the form
4.Click add button
5.Wait to finish process
6.Refresh the game
7. Enjoy
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