Sep 11, 2012

Dragon City Facebook Game Cheats Super Money (Free Gold, Food and Gems)

Get Full Version Here

Dragon City Facebook Game is a game wherein can create something new. Improve your own dragons, or discover a new species! Tried to do anything to enlarge your map by the unlock new islands. Even if you have it you got it lacked the money to clear the stones and make the place for the new buildings. We have done something to you in all of this will help. You will not have to worry about the lack of raw materials, please read more below.

Here is the fully operational Dragon City Hack. It is the only version that allows you to easily add an unlimited amount of money. Paid version cost $ 99 and had a lot of mistakes. That is why we give you free license to use this program. The software works virtually anywhere. It can run for example: Ipod, iPad, iPhone or other popular devices. No need to install it, this is an application you run like any other and immediately works. Cheats Dragon City it’s easy to use, few clicks and all works fine.

Dragon City Facebook Hack & Cheats Features:

AUTO Gold collect from all Habitats
No more waiting for complete building or incubating eggs
Unlimited amount of gold cheat
Infinite Food , no more waiting for Farm
Gems hack
Auto software updates if new version is available.
Free remove Stones, Tree or bush

Download Link:
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