Jul 31, 2009

Year One "Future still Dumb?" Movie



The year one film story ia comedy show that the movie star are Black Jack and Michael Cira. they are the main actors on the movie.

The year one begins when Zed "Jack Black" is a hunter and Oh "Michael Cera" is a gatherer. After being informed that Zed ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the shaman banishes him from the tribe. Oh decides to go with Zed on his journey to find the end of the Earth. Along the way, they encounter Cain and Abel (David Cross and Paul Rudd). Cain kills Abel and informs Zed and Oh that they must escape with him or else be accused of killing Abel Zed and Oh head off for Sodom after Abraham offers to circumcise them. As they arrive in Sodom, they are captured. Cain, now a Sodomite soldier, saves them from being tortured, calling them "his brothers." While being given a tour of the city by Cain, Zed and Oh see the princess, who is starving herself because she feels guilty that everyone else in the city is starving. That night, at a party, Zed is invited by the princess to talk with her.
Inside the palace, Zed sees Maya and Eema serving as slaves, while Oh is forced to follow the very effeminate high priest around the palace. Zed meets the princess and she asks him to go inside the Holy of Holy Temples and tell her what it is like, thinking that Zed is the "Chosen One." Inside the temple, Zed encounters Oh, who is hiding from the high priest. There, they get into a heated argument and are then imprisoned for going inside the temple. The two are sentenced to be stoned to death but Zed convinces the Sodomites to have mercy, so they are instead sentenced to hard labor until they die from work. The king then announces that he will be sacrificing his daughter and two virgins (Maya and Eema) as a gift to the gods.
Zed goes and interrupts the ceremony, claiming he is the "Chosen One." A riot starts and Oh saves Eema. The two have sexual intercourse inside the palace and then come out to help Zed fight the soldiers (including Cain). The crowd kills all the leaders and proclaim Zed as the Leader. Zed turns this down and instead becomes an explorer with Maya. Oh becomes the leader of the village where the whole adventure started. The two say their goodbyes and head their separate ways.

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