Jun 4, 2012

Honeymoon Hotel in CityVille Question Guides

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honeymoon hotel cityville these are some of the question mostly asked here:

Honeymoon hotel cityville FAQs

Q: What are the requirements to receive the Honeymoon Hotel CityVille?
A: This new hotel is available for players level 24 or higher.

Q: Is the Honeymoon Hotel personnel or materials required to be built?
A: It requires materials that may be obtain in CityVille with this trick.

Q: When can collect the proceeds from this book?
A: Once you have hosted 400 guests, may collect the profits.

Q: How do get guests?
A: Guests arrive from local businesses located near the hotel and also can invite your friends to sign up!

Construction of Hotel Honeymoon CityVille
1. Upon reaching level 24 will gain the mission that makes them the Honeymoon Hotel.

2. Click on the button “Install” to begin the construction of the foundations of the Honeymoon Hotel.

Honeymoon Hotel CityVille

3. Once you finish building the foundations of various materials needed to complete the construction. May obtain materials Honeymoon Hotel CityVille through this trick or through the facilities offered by the game.

Honeymoon Hotel CityVille

4. When you have collected all the materials, just press the button “End Construction” to use the Honeymoon Hotel for the first time.
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