Jun 4, 2012

Ninja Saga Tp Coins Exp Gifts Super Hack

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Ninja Saga Tp Coins Exp Gifts Super Hack is a Virtual World Game In Facebook. where you can have this as one of the basis making sure money and experience in your game. use this guide ofr your own in Ninja Saga Tp Coins Exp Gifts Super Hack . their are some requirements in this game get this first -Charles,-Cheat Engine, Google Chrome or not working -Level 44 +

* Steps:

1 – open charles then open ce * NO breakpoints be activated
2 – Cheat Engine and choose the Chrome browser (find large amount of chromium to choose a final at the bottom)
3 – change “4bytes” a “TEXT” and then write this code:
4 – and is one o + Address (does not matter)
5 – Download all Address
6 – Now select (all)
7 – Right click and change value to everyone:
8 – go to lv 44 to do the mission called “request for the village of Rock” and will play Turkey Mission
9 – pass the 5 stages winning the reward are: 25 Gold TP 1000, 4% and a pen xp
10 – after completing the mission confirm the reward (
11 – go to Charles Expander apps.ninja saga.com
12 – Go to last Url which is the reward and then right click – Repeat Advance – 9,999,999 write 99999 and
13 – Wait for Process and accept rewards and update
14 – Enjoy many tps etc will have to hack like I brought with it xD long will all the tp etc Gosar

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