Jun 5, 2012

Ninja Warz Cheats Super Tricks WORKS

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Ninja Warz Cheats Super Tricks WORKS Is a Role Playing Game in facebook. where you can this tricks and guide for your game. use this Hope this will help you in your game.
Talisman Of Nerdy Prowess

Press up up down down left right left right then b a enter when you are at the Daimyo.
Ninja Warz Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches
The Big Bucks

To get the big bucks you will need the best gem stones the ones that give you karma and money do that wait a few weeks look at it now.
Stronger Than Expected

First things first, this is not a hack. There are karma things called karma stones, they gain you karma just for having it equipped. If you have one equipped you don’t play the game for a couple of weeks. Then you will have a lot of karma. There are different karma stones, the first one is the weak karma stone and it gives you one karma every 12 hours.
Gold Cloud

When the clouds are gold, click them and it gives you gold. (this only happens certain times. ).
Gold Cloud

On the starting point you will see a cloud it is gold. Click it and it will give you gold! (this only happen a certain times).
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